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Market Cap:

$73 441 041

Circulating Supply:

2 749 980 000 BTS

Max Supply:

3 600 570 502 BTS

About BitShares

BitShares (the BTS symbol), formerly known as ProtoShares (PTS), is an industry class "crypto-equity", a peer-to-peer distributed book and a network based on the delegated proof of transaction (DPoS) algorithm. It was created in 2014 by Dan Larimer ("Bytemaster"), co-founder of Steemit, EOS, and Cryptonomex. According to Smith & Crown, BitShares twice conducted fund-raising campaigns for platform development: once in the cryptocurrency of protoshares and the second time in angelshares. Protoshares at that time was a new cryptocurrency that worked on the principle of Proof of Work and was sold with a promise to give the owners of tokens a stake in future products created by the company-predecessor BitShares - Invictus Innovation. The second time the fundraising took place in 2014. The company was able to get for further development $ 7-15 million in exchange for angelshares. Protoshares (PTS) later turned into the BitShares (BTS) cryptocurrency, while angelshares owners could also get their BTS. Both these currencies do not exist at the moment. BitShares operates more like a capital, than a currency, because BTS markers are used as collateral for a variety of decentralized financial services, such as smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, banking, the creation of derivatives (market-bound "bit-asset") and currency rails. BitShares is software that provides a distributed multi-user database with update permissions, managed by a given set of rules and public-key cryptography. BitShares is also a decentralized network, supported by users from all over the world, synchronizing their databases with BitShares software rules. This allows the BitShares network to work if it has at least two users who exchange data over the Internet. Finally, it's a distributed registry where all the transactions in the blockchain have been recorded. In addition, BitShares can act as a bank, supporting a distributed registry that displays the debt secured by collateral in other assets. If you want to know the latest information about Bitshares, visit its telegram account @BitSharesDEX

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