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About ICON

ICON (ICX) is an entire ecosystem that allows different blockchains to interact with each other. Its main purpose is to combine various systems for the sake of speeding up and simplifying transactions. ICON is divided into several projects, each with its own specific sphere. The first area is the Korean blockchain industry. In 2017 ICON launched an identity authentication system on blockchain and developed a system Chain ID for protection against the leakage of personal data. 26 companies took part in this crypto project. Two more areas - universities and hospitals. In these sectors, ICON also plans to provide data collection and storage services. ICON decided to conduct the ICO and collect the investment in order to launch these projects. ICO began on September 22 last year and lasted only a day. During this time, investors bought 200 million ICX tokens. Total ICO investments were about $ 42 million. There are several key elements of the ICON universe: · Smart contract platform named SCORE · Loopchain Fault Tolerance or LFT algorithm that gives an ability to process a large number of transactions in real time · Multichannel transactions can be performed on channels, modifying separate channels for each task in one chain network · Modular architecture - each module can be modified to provide its high scalability.

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