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About TrueUSD

TRUE USD is a digital currency that is 100% guaranteed by the dollar. It means that the cost of 1 TUSD coin is 1 USD. It is the second cryptocurrency, the value of which is not influenced by the situation on the market. TRUE USD is often called a tokenized dollar. The possibility of implementing such an idea became available due to the legal and technical aspects of the TrustToken platform. March 2018 TrueUSD started to be supported by the Bittrex exchange, and then byBinance. Due to the fact that the TRUE USD tokens are not volatile, they can be used for transactions within the business, without the risk of changing the rate during the conclusion of the transaction. The primary task of the TRUE USD team is to expand the scope of application of cryptocurrency in the real sector. To tokenize a real asset, TrustToken provides several services: · SmartTrust. It is a specific contract that transforms the ownership right into a smart contract on blockchain; · TrustMarket. It helps clients to find confidants, working with financial institutions to manage their "digitized" assets; · TrustProtocol. This protocol describes the capabilities and powers of confidants; · TrustVault. It is a decentralized repository where assets are stored; · TrustToken. The platform on which all the above services are launched. If you want to know the latest information about TRUE USD, visit its telegram account @trusttoken.

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