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Market Cap:

$50 973 220

Circulating Supply:

2 149 646 VERI

Max Supply:


About Veritaseum

Veritaseum (VERI) is a decentralized standalone platform that operates on the basis of smart contracts. The idea of creating Veritaseum came to the head of the Reggie Middleton, who has already repeatedly shown himself in projects related to risk management. Reggie began work on the prototype of Veritaseum in 2013 but launched it only in mid-2017. Fundraising for the development of Veritaseum software was carried out using the ICO, with the help of which developers wanted to sell only 2% of generated tokens. The remaining 98% were saved for the participation of institutional investors. After a few days after the fundraising, the VERI tokens in the amount of 36,000 were stolen, which at the exchange rate at the time was 8 million dollars. The stolen VERI tokens were converted into coins of Ether and cashed. Veritaseum - a platform based on the blockchain, which performs the functions of an investment fund, the movement of funds in which occurs without the influence of third parties, and through smart contracts. Orientation on the capital market gives it the potential for growth. VERI tokens can only be used on the Veritaseum network to purchase platform services. There are two ways to get VERI tokens: buy them on exchanges or invest in a project. Most experts and analysts consider the Veritaseum project to be very promising and predict that it will enter the top ten in popularity among a huge number of cryptocurrencies. But for this, the project needs strong support from institutional investors, which can act as major exchanges and projects. If you want to know the latest information about Veritaseum, visit its telegram account @Veritaseum.

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