The cryptocurrency domain name has been acquired for $1,000,000

One of the largest ever cryptocurrency domain name acquisitions was announced during Consensus 2018, the 4th annual blockchain technology summit sponsored by CoinDesk. A group of investors has purchased the domain for $1 million (111 BTC).

which makes this the third most expensive cryptocurrency domain name acquisition ever. Prior to this transaction, the most expensive blockchain domain names sold were (sold for $1.1 million as early as 2014) and (sold for $2 million in October 2017).

The buyers of the domain immediately launched one of the largest portals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, bringing together the functionality of all the current major industry players. is a customized blockchain and cryptocurrency news, information and analytics platform that is rapidly rising in status to number one in the world. Now all of the necessary information will continually be at hand and readily accessible. The platform is very convenient, efficient and time-saving.

The vision of the project’s investors is to build a single entry point for all crypto enthusiasts. has everything a blockchain enthusiast might need in one place:

● the current prices of all the existing coins;

● the latest updates and news of the industry;

● analytical materials;

● topical ICO projects;

● detailed information on people developing and influencing the blockchain industry;

● transactions in popular blockchains

Every user will be able to create a full crypto portfolio and an e-mail account on the project domain. All of the information is logically selected, interrelated, and chronologically arranged.

A principal feature of the project is that when performing various activities—commenting and developing new content or simply visiting the site—every customer earns inner tokens, or BC for short

The project is not planning initial coin offering (ICO). The project’s inner token was created to be spent on the platform for placing ads or using premium services. In addition, BC tokens will be available for purchase and sale on exchanges like EtherDelta.

The total supply of BC tokens is 247,000,000 BC ( 200,000,000 of that will be paid to users for activity on the platform, 30,000,000 is reserved for the project team, and 17,000,000 is reserved for certain major and well-known advisors who supported the project.

In general, the founders and investors are planning to invest more than $7 million of their own funds in the project to secure the number one ranking in attendance among blockchain and cryptocurrency projects within a year.