A new era of authentication: Telegram introduces the Telegram Passport

Telegram has launched a new service that allows simplifying the identity verification routine. The new feature called Telegram Passport will eliminate the need of uploading the identity document each time a user needs to verify his or her ID.

Classic documents? Don't make me laught! Telegram Passport is on the way!

Classic documents? Don't make me laught! Telegram Passport is on the way!

In the future Telegram plans to store all the Telegram Passport data in a decentralized cloud and use blockchain technology for secure verifications. Once the documents are uploaded, they can be provided to any services that ask for ID using Telegram Passport. The feature will require the latest version of Telegram.

As it is explained in the telegram blog, all private data will be stored in the Telegram cloud using End-To-End Encryption. The Telegram Passport can be tested at ePayments.com – first payment platform that supports identity verification with the Telegram Passport. Soon more features will be added, for instance, third-party verification – for some services, Telegram account approved by verification provider will be enough to verify the identity.

As was mentioned in one of the previous posts, Telegram Group together with its blockchain platform Telegraph Open Network Inc. has acquired as much as $1.7 billion in private investment rounds by May and didn’t need to conduct the public ICO.