Bitcoin spreads the time! Hublot shows its new watches model called - blockchain

The Swiss company Hublot, which produces luxury watches, created a unique chronograph, inspired by bitcoin. It can be purchased only for bitcoins; the release of a small party is timed to the 10th anniversary of bitcoin.

blockchain through space and yes, just time watches

blockchain through space and yes, just time watches

The new model of the Big Bang series is called "Blockchain". According to the pre-sale page on the company's website, the watch has a design "Art in the style of fusion", combining elements inspired by crypto-currencies, with well-known "industrial" motives of the company.

In total, 210 such chronographs will be produced. The number is chosen not by accident - the release is timed to the 10th anniversary of bitcoin, and also reflects the fact that the stock of bitcoins is limited to a figure of 21 million.

The release of the unique chronograph was made possible thanks to the cooperation of Hublot with Octagon Strategy Limited (OSL), a major Asian brokerage firm for digital assets. While Hublot does not quote the price of the Blockchain model, potential buyers must register and place their data on a specially created OSL website, where they will have the opportunity to learn about the price of the gadget.

To increase the attractiveness of the chronograph in the eyes of fans of the blockade, Hublot and OSL published a small whitepaper describing the project, and each individual transaction ID (purchase) will be engraved on the wall of the watch case.