Bitcom - multiple for good

Honorable crypto enthusiasts, please welcome a new member of the community, as it definitely has something to show! Greet - not only a digital financial assets exchange but the whole ecosystem bringing together the innovations divined from blockchain, it’s own unique BS Token, a special app management system for BS holders and some other fancy features to discover.

Multitask is a usefull feature for everyone

Multitask is a usefull feature for everyone

The project’s White Paper emphasizes the importance of creating together the ecological home of community mechanism of blockchain. The BS Token, with its properties of the cryptocurrency, also provides crucial features of fiat, such as checking, savings and brokerage instruments in order to offer its users positive and convenient experience.

It can morph into various types of assets and serves to many purposes, including being a secure store of value, being a digital asset that is anonymous and fungible, which provides a return on investment proportional to risk. BS Tokens can be get by direct purchase or the “trading mining” model.

Another topic to be covered is the BS Application, a management system created for the BS Token holders. It contains details of the community, assets, transactions and income distribution, therefore efficiently helping its users. The version 2.0, according to the development team, will feature community committees, voting, instant messaging and other projects.

What is also noteworthy, the platform is actively developing and exposes its big plans to the crypto community. In the nearest future it aims to enrich the ecosystem with blockchain games, blockchain trade, blockchain tour - and this list is far from being over. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of such a promising project - and see what comes!