China will use blockchain to track down the convicts on parole

In every single field, including the blockchain and crypto industry, China proves to be a very progressive country. But it’s latest innovation might seem a little unusual even to the enthusiasts who got used to many strange and controversial things, including CryptoKitties or Tron.

Blockchain prison makes you token tight

Blockchain prison makes you token tight

This time, so-called « community prisoners » might find themselves being tracked down by the authorities over a blockchain network.

According to the report made by a local news outlet Zhongshan Daily on the 6th of September, the justice department of this region has launched a blockchain platform to track the activities of criminals on parole. They will have to wear a special electronic bracelet sending the tracking information to the platform.

Community correction staff and relevant law enforcement agencies will have access to this information and, therefore, the authorities will always be able to notice suspicious activities breaking from the required routine.

The system was developed in order to reduce the man hours needed to check the prisoners’ activities and movements. As the article also claims, this project might help to promptly recognize he potential recidivism due to analyzing the individual’s criminal history and current behavior.