Chinese government changes attitude to blockchain industry

According to People's Daily, the Communist Party of China has published an educational book named "Blockchain - a guide for officials." As the newspaper writes, the Chinese authorities issued a guide within the framework of the forthcoming large-scale program for the implementation and development of DLT technology in the country.

Chinese government changes attitude to blockchain industry

Chinese government changes attitude to blockchain industry

The book contains information about the history and features of the technology, contains the spheres of its application, and also describes the potential problems from the implementation of the blockchain.

The Chinese authorities show interest in the digital money sphere, especially cryptocurrency, realizing that it is already impossible to ignore this topic. At the same time, the Chinese government prefers to behave cautiously and reflects on how to perfectly balance the risks and take into account all the subtleties.

There is even a special work group in the Central Bank of the PRC, linked to the topic of legalization of digital money, representatives of which appealed to the Russian side with a request to present its views on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Investment blockchain funds are already beginning to open in China, and government agencies are looking for specialists with experience in the blockchain sector. What is more, in June the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced the start of the creation of a research center for studying large data and distributed ledger technology.