Crypterium’s new CEO: former General Manager of Visa to fill the position

The world's first cryptobank, Crypterium has just announce the appointment of new CEO – former General Manager of Visa Steven Parker. He will lead company to launching the first crypto cards and banking products. Blockchain startups continue to suck in top-tier Silicon Valley tech talent along with financial top executives. This time, former general manager of Visa has joined Crypterium.

Steven Parker has held leadership roles in blue-chip companies across the globe. From financial innovators, like Visa and Experian, to banks, like HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, and hospitality companies, like Holiday Inns. He has also advised telecoms and service companies when it came to risk-based customer engagement and decision-making in a digital world.

Now Steven is leaving those giants to take a chance on the world of crypto. “Navigating people and businesses through periods of complex change, to help deliver improved performance is my passion, and that’s what makes my new role at Crypterium such an attractive challenge for me,” Steven explains in a brief interview. “The cryptocurrency market is a really exciting space at the moment. I believe it is going through a very interesting time, coming out of a speculative environment and maturing, letting serious players continue to build attractive customer propositions,” he adds.

“Steven has strong leadership skills and vast expertise in multinational businesses. His deep knowledge of the global financial industry will strengthen our company’s position. Mr. Parker will be a great asset as Crypterium expands its global influence and increases its recognizability” says COO and co-founder Austin Kimm.

Austin also stated the Crypterium’s aim to transition into the next phase of growth as the main reason for parting ways with former CEO Marc O’Brien. Austin also added that “Crypterium managed to achieve a major growth under Marc’s leadership. His role was vital in developing our strategy and bringing us one step closer to building the world’s first cryptobank".

About Crypterium Crypterium aims to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses and provide crypto banking services to the clients. Our mission is to create an easy-to-use system for all and ensure that no one is left behind in the new “Cryptocurrency Era”. Crypterium means first Cryptobank, where anyone can store, send, buy and deposit cryptocurrencies.