CryptoBBQ as the most anticipated event of August

Serious business conferences on cryptocurrencies are known to take a considerable place in the crypto industry, having a significant impact on trends and deals. But in the summer they might appear unattractive, as your thoughts will be far away from stuffy rooms and formal suits. And here comes the CryptoBarbecue - the first outdoor-crypto conference at open-air held by the CryptoEvent team.

Open-air party CryptoBBQ

Open-air party CryptoBBQ

CryptoBBQ will take place in BereZy Park, Moscow, on August, 23rd, drawing the attention of the crypto community members all around the globe. The open-space conference will unite the leading crypto industry experts from Russia who will give 30 valuable master classes.

What is waiting for you?

Cases, practical advice from top analysts, leading trends and the possibility to get the answers for all of your questions along with a chance of establishing useful contacts and finding partners during the meeting. Visitors will be able to examine the blockchain-exhibition for 30 stands, presenting the most promising companies in the industry. But what makes the CryptoBBQ special, is a casual and friendly atmosphere, set by tons of the most delicious barbecue.

We are waiting for you - join us now!