DeFi Analytical Resources

The DeFi segment is actively developing and every day a lot of news related to decentralized finance is released. In order to keep up with all the important events in this area, we have prepared for you a list of resources that can be useful in analyzing and tracking DeFi.

DeFi Pulse - is the most famous and popular resource about DeFi. Here you can track the total amount of blocked funds in DeFi projects, annual rates on deposits and loans. The service also provides a rating of projects with the largest volume of blocked funds for each DeFi project. All projects are categorized, making it easy to see the leaders in each segment. It is from this resource that the vast majority of news and analytical portals draw information.

CoinMarketCap - the largest and most famous crypto aggregator is not standing still and has also added DeFi-related sections. Here you can find a list of all major DeFi projects, their capitalization, price and other market parameters. In addition, the service recently added the Yield Farming ratio, where you can track the profitability of farming in various projects and pools.

CoinGecko - is the second largest crypto aggregator in the world and was the first to start adding DeFi projects. Just like in CoinMarketCap, here you can find market data on projects and track the profitability of Yield Farming. CoinGecko was the first to release a book on DeFi that went viral.

Etherscan - the largest Ethereum block explorer has created a separate table for DeFi. It contains the largest projects with their capitalization and the volume of locked assets. Also added is the dynamics of volume locked assets and the TVL metric, which indicates the real amount of funds in DeFi projects.

DeBank - is a prototype tracker for DeFi projects. Here you can see the current interest rates for all projects and look the DeFi data from the Binance Smart Chain.

DeFi Explore - shows the volume of collateralized assets in the Maker ecosystem. You can view rates for all assets and view historical data, which contains data on liquidations, collateral and the correlation of parameters with the ETH price.

DeFi Review - you can see not only the parameters of DeFi projects, but also the visualization in relation to the market share of each project.

LoanScan - is the largest data collection service for all credit protocols. An extensive table is presented that allows you to choose the best interest rates on loans and deposits both in cryptocurrencies and in stablecoins against the US dollar. You can track how interest rates and the volume of collateral for projects have changed in a historical context.

Maker Governance Dashboard - allows you to track data on DAO Maker. In particular, you can see the amount of MKR staked, the number of voters, the number of polls and many other data about the DAO. - the service collects analytical data by liquidity pools from all decentralized exchanges. You can track how the amount of funds in the pool changed over time. Currently, the service monitors 631 liquidity pools from 7 exchanges, including Uniswap and Balancer.

Uniswap Vision - Allows you to track price changes within each Uniswap pool. This is the best way to find out how the asset price has changed and to find the perfect entry point. This is implemented on a standard convenient chart from TradingView.

DeFi Rate - is a large platform that aggregates all possible data from DeFi projects. The service collects all interest rates for cryptocurrencies from different lending platforms, rates for yield farming. In addition, there is a convenient section, which publishes all the news about DeFi projects and a section with a knowledge base about DeFi.

Dollars in DeFi - simply displays the current volume of locked assets in DeFi-projects in USD.

DeFi Score - Scoring DeFi Landing Pools. Assesses the level of risk of each pool, which includes an assessment of the smart contract, bugs, collateral and liquidity. Based on this data, returns data about the security level of the pool.

MyDefi - is a portfolio that allows you to track all DeFi assets live. Only works in the iOS and Android app.

Dai in DeFi - is a simple interface to track the key metrics of Dai, the first collateral stablecoin at Ethereum blockchain.

Loan List - every hour collects all interest rates on various assets and DeFi projects.

DeFi Tracker - collects a portfolio of your DeFi assets and monitors their status in real time.