ETCbits — 1st 3D collection and only 2nd NFT collection on Ethereum Classic

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What are ETCBits? ETCBits is a collection inspired by the famous Meebits, but on Ethereum Classic. Only 20,000 3d bits are available for mint, all with unique features. They can be collected, bought as a gift to someone, or to trade on the secondary market — the internal marketplace! Tribute to the original Bits!

ETCBits are not affiliated with Larva Labs Let us remind you that ETCPunks became the first NTF project on Ethereum Classic — which was completely sold out! To date, the floor price is already — x3!

So what is special about ETCBits? · In order to give everyone the opportunity to own one (or more) ETCBits, the purchase is carried out on a random basis. · Bonus pools: Mint +50 ETCBits now and get 3%-7% reward from every minted ETCBits · Referral link: ETCBits have a decentralized reward system for user invitations! 10% of the purchase will be sent directly onto your wallet! · ETCBits can be used as avatars in the Metaverse! · The marketplace page will function after all ETCBits have been minted. You can get as many ETCBits as you like, but after the 20,000 have been minted it will be too late to get one at a low price. · The Bits Staking and The ETCBits Governance System are coming soon!

Visit to enjoy your ETCBits right now