Google sends a job offer to Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, one of the Ethereum founders, has posted on his Twitter account that he was offered a job position at Google. Vitalik has published polling asking for advice from his followers, whether or not he should leave the Ethereum and start working at Google. The tweet, later on, had been deleted probably due to the email of the recruiter appearing on the tweet.

59% voted “against” Buterin leaving the Ethereum, while according to 41% out of 2300 respondents Vitalik shall join Google.

Google is actively working on its own blockchain-backed technology to support the cloud-based products and to withstand competition with rising startups. Google has also been investing in startups with blockchain profile, among them are Ripple, LedgerX, Veem, and Blockchain Luxembourg, but many remain unknown. Another tech-giants, IBM and Microsoft, have already advanced in blockchain applications and offer to its customers' Blockchain as a Service. E-Commerce giant Amazon provides their blockchain-based solutions for financing and insurance companies.

From healthcare to manufacturing, the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are getting incorporated into the business structure. The interest in using the technology is rising among the companies since it can offer several business advantages such as for instance reduction of operational costs, eliminating the third party in financial transactions and more reliable way of saving the essential business-related records. Therefore the blockchain hiring has raised tremendously. The career-related platform LinkedIn confirms that more users add blockchain-related skills to their profile. Since blockchain is a relatively fresh concept in programming, there is a shortage of specialists, and businesses are actively hunting for blockchain developers.