Infinito Wallet Welcomes ADA to List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

Infinito Wallet is proud to announce that as of version update 1.15.0, we now support users to securely store send, receive, and check transaction history of ADA!

ADA is now in

ADA is now in

With this inclusion, Infinito Wallet has achieved yet another incredible milestone in the crypto world: the FIRST mobile wallet to support ADA. This continues to reinforce our vision to be world leading universal wallet, a single safe place for all types of coins and tokens.

Infinito Wallet - The First Universal Mobile Wallet for ADA

Currently there is only one wallet on the market that supports ADA which is Daedalus, an ADA-exclusive desktop wallet officially developed by Cardano team. To promote community adoption for ADA usage with a very portable wallet solution, Infinito Wallet aims to be an alternative mobile option for end users to send and receive ADA securely and conveniently on a mobile wallet.

Infinito developers have worked with the development team behind Cardano, IOHK, and utilized their official Cardano Rust project to seamlessly integrate ADA support into Infinito Wallet. Thanks to this official tool, Infinito Wallet can serve as an ultra light-weight, portable alternative to Daedalus Wallet for ADA holders - all while maintaining the utmost stability and security.

With IOHK’s permission and support, Infinito has contributed code to the open source Cardano Rust project for ADA mobile wallet integration. Infinito Wallet team will continue her contribution to the Cardano open source community. Furthermore, on its roadmap, the Universal Wallet also plans to support unique features of Cardano blockchain including staking Ouroboros.

With the addition of ADA, Infinito Wallet is currently the world’s most universal home to hundreds of thousands of tokens on biggest smart contract platforms such as ETH, EOS, NEO together with leading coins including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, ETC, and Dogecoin.

What is Cardano and ADA?

One of the leading third-generation blockchains, Cardano is home to the ADA currency. This digital cash represents the future of money, enabling fast, direct transfers that are guaranteed to be secure through the use of cryptography. With the aim to tackle numerous problems plaguing the crypto industry, Cardano is developing a smart contract platform to run financial applications currently used every day by individuals, organizations, and governments around the world.

How to manage your ADA with Infinito Wallet

For first time installers, ADA will be natively enabled on your Infinito Wallet dashboard. For existing users, you can manually enable ADA on your wallet. Follow their instruction: Part 3 - How to enable new coins/token on Infinito Wallet

What’s Next?

Coming up next in Q4 of 2018, Infinito Wallet will release our next version update 2.0 providing users with a brand new UX/UI design that brings more customization and enhanced user experience along with full support for top blockchain MainNets including Ontology, and more. To offer more incentives to users, Infinito Wallet will be launching various reward campaigns including free token Airdrops and Referral programs. Follow us on Infinito Wallet’s official Telegram groups in English, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Chinese to get ready for these reward programs and to receive all the latest updates on wallet feature roadmap.

About Infinito Wallet

Positioning as a leading universal wallet for crypto users, Infinito Wallet serves as a gateway for users to maximize usage and potentials of their cryptocurrencies. By selectively expanding our partner network, Infinito Wallet aims to build an ecosystem of practical blockchain services including exchanges, ID/KYC solutions, and other blockchain-related business services. At the same time, we help support communities of developers and businesses with an open blockchain infrastructure of technologies and compliant-ready services, so that they can seamlessly build, launch, and operate innovative products and services efficiently.

Infinito Wallet Team has intensive professional experience in blockchain domain, plus a team of 70 committed members including developers, designers, researchers, business and marketing executives, and customer service officers. Registered in the Isle of Man – UK, Infinito Wallet is a part of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe, with a single mission to be the world number one cryptocurrency wallet for communities.