Living in a world of crypto was never so exciting, meet - crypto heroes game

The blockchain and crypto industry sees fights of different types every day. Fights between companies, fights between ICOs, fights between investors and many other competitions and confrontations. Things like this don’t surprise anyone, being a frequent dimension in the business world. But what about real fights between tokens, visualised by the leading designers?

Choose your crypto heroe!

Choose your crypto heroe!

Apparently, now we have a great chance to see CryptoKitties fiercely scratching Ripple’s face or something like that, since the Crypto Heroes are now available online!

This is a unique project constituting an online game that gives you a precious opportunity to participate in the battles that take place in real time and are based on current cryptocurrency rates. All the fights are assigned to the characters, representing various tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. Every character is sufficiently detailed and high-quality animated, as our artists put their heart and soul into the project.

Although all the humanized tokens are totally made up and all the coincidences are random, some real details are taken into account - for example, Vitalik Buterin’s passion for unicorns.

Undoubtedly, that is funny and unique. But what are the real benefits of the project? The most obvious one is the new audience attracted by ICOs due to this game. In a very entertaining way, it presents people new projects and their advantages, increasing the amount of investors and participants.

As a player, you can collect characters, increase their level, increase your own level with the fights you won, and bet on the results of battles - and that is a real chance to earn a decent profit!

Crypto Heroes are fully based on smart contracts and can be used as a real tool for traders, since the battles are based on current crypto rates, represented by characters. Moreover, the distribution of shares covers real programmers and not foundations.