Nasdaq organizes a closed meeting to talk over the crypto regulations

One of the world’s largest stock exchanges, Nasdaq, has called for the closed-door meeting with the representatives from the Wall Street and the cryptocurrency industry. Among participants were traditional exchanges as well as crypto exchanges, one of them was Gemini, a crypto exchange run by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

to regulate and use, or not to?

to regulate and use, or not to?

he closed meeting was intended to help the crypto industry to become wholly legitimate and regulated. The questions on the agenda were related to improving the reputation of the crypto industry as well as to developing the cryptocurrency regulations. Nasdaq’s CEO Adena Friedman said earlier in May that

“how it evolves and which of the cryptocurrencies may or may not be the one that ultimately gets embraced, I think that really the jury is still out on that. But I do think the idea of a more globalized payment mechanism that is more efficient than what we have today allows for money to transfer across countries and certainly supports the Internet economy.”

Earlier in July Nasdaq has already partnered with Gemini. Nasdaq’s market surveillance systems will be used to monitor the trading at Gemini and help to distinguish cheating.