Nearly half of crypto investors plans to hodl long-term

South Korea crypto exchange Bithumb revealed June 7 that, according to their research, 42,8% of crypto investors plan to ‘hodl’ their funds long-term. The exchange, founded in 2015 and considered to be one of the largest in the country, conducted a survey between April 30th and May 6th, 2018, which included questions on investment plans as well as government regulations.

Bithumb surveyed main question, HODL or not to HODL?

Bithumb surveyed main question, HODL or not to HODL?

The survey called ‘Cryptographic Investment Trends’ asked around 2,500 respondents over the age of 20 among the platform users via its Bithumb Cafe communication channel, and the results showed that only 27% take an interest in short-term gains.

It was also determined that 13,1% have gone through various crypto acquisitions for investment purposes, whilst 10,5% have long-term goals such as marriage, founding a family and owning a property.

Bithumb press release authored by its ‘Bitsumm manager’ stated, based on the results of the quiz, that the perception of investments associated with cryptocurrencies by domestic investors is gradually maturing, as virtual currency continues to spread around the world and to be recognized as an asset in leading industrialized countries.

It is worth mentioning that due to the research Bithumb discovered a direct correlation between the age of the cryptocurrency buyer and his plans. The older they are, the more likely they have plans to ‘hodl’ and make long-term investments. The results have shown that the highest percentage of long-termers present among investors over 50, compared to 40,3% of respondents over 30 and 30,8 percent in their 20s.

Bithumb also revealed that 39,5% of the respondents intend to keep their investment even in case the government requires them to pay taxes, whereas 13,1% would completely stop investing in digital assets. The exchange has come to the following conclusion: “More and more investors are looking at cryptographic money as assets and looking for stable investments.”