New Microsoft development in the blockchain industry

Microsoft continues to expand its presence in the field of blockchain applications, submitting a new patent application. American patent bureau received two applications in which the so-called Trusted Execution Environment is introduced into different functionals on the blockchain system.

What is the purpose of Trusted Execution Environment?

What is the purpose of Trusted Execution Environment?

It can be used as a node-validator, which is defined depending on the type of blockchain. It can enhance the verification capabilities of network participants. This function can be convenient for corporate blockchain which does not have to be open. Also, Trusted Execution Environment can be responsible for the verification and confirmation of transactions. It is applicable in the blockchain, where a group of nodes works as validators. In this case, TEE will allow processing operations without decryption.

In general, the patent applications describe many examples of usage of the Trusted Execution Environment, where it will be helpful in the development of blockchain solutions. Naturally, in most cases, these are private corporate solutions that can improve the performance of companies.

It should be mentioned, that Microsoft is actively developing solutions in blockchain industry. For example, it recently introduced Ethereum on Azure, which is based on the "blockchain as a service" model.