Release of DeFi DIY

Our project was created 2 years ago and during this time we have gained a lot of experience in building crypto projects. Starting in August, we have been developing a new direction - the DeFi project builder.

And now we are happy to show you our beta version at link

At the current moment, we have developed a builder for creating projects like SushiSwap or Kimchi. Each of you can try to create a similar project and try your luck in DeFi segment.

When you will create a project you can set the following parameters:
- token name and symbol
- parameters of rewards after project deployment
- premine values ​​and rewards for creators
- dynamics of token issuance

After that, press the “Place order” button and your project will be published within 2 days. You will have full administrator rights for the created project and immediately start receiving rewards.

This is the first, but far from the only type of project that we will create. In the near future, we are planning to release an ultra-modern module for creating DeFi projects on a gaming theme. In it, everyone will be able to stake absolutely any cryptocurrency and receive a reward for this in a new token.

You will be able to stake Chainlink, 0x, USDT, Wrapped Bitcoin and many other ERC-20 tokens from Top-100 . For this, you will receive a reward and will be able to earn extra money on the game functions of the project.

This project will be the most innovative in the crypto industry over the past year. It will use the most modern technologies and specifics. Everyone who will participate in the project at first will receive serious rewards. Expect and soon we will present a completely unique product!