The fund invested in this December.

Learn more about the new one and only one CrossChain AI NFT Marketplace. dArtFlex = NFT + Artists + AI.

dArtFlex believes that digital artists should have a platform that creates a new level of interactivity and provides more tools to express creativity. Therefore, one of the marketplace's core features is using an AI tool built on generative adversarial networks (GANs) to combine images and artwork and discover unique images.

One of the most significant issues that dArtFlex aims to solve is high fees and limited supported ecosystems. To lower the entry threshold for artists, dArtFlex made the art minting completely free. The platform operates with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, and Rinkeby networks while actively integrating Ethereum(ETH), Flow, Solana, and other ecosystems.

dArtFlex utilizes its own token DAF that can be used for platform purchases, auction bidding, reducing commission costs of platform sales. The token provides numerous utilities to the holders, including, but not limited to: entrance to the platform's unique NFT drops, priority access to dArtFlex NFT drops, and rewards staking. DAF already went through private sales and was distributed to the active members of the community.

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