The First DeFi on our platform - BigMac.Finance builder allows you to create a DeFi project for one day. Our first partners were convinced in this, who created a new project within 1 day. The essence of the project is that it tracks the BigMac index, tokenizes it on the blockchain and allows decentralized exchanges and token farming.

BigMac.Finance is a decentralized pool-based exchange. The project is similar to Uniswap, but with one important difference - it has its own Bigmac token (BIG). It can be mined by conducting transactions on their exchange and investing in liquidity pools.

At the moment, 4 pools with 4 different coins have been added to the BigMac.Finance platform: Ethereum (ETH), (BC), Kimchi and Sushi token. Depending on which pool you will invest in, the profitability will differ as follows:
ETH = x5 BIG
BC = x4 BIG

BigMac.Finance is based on two smart contracts, one of which is a boss contract and the other is a token contract.

BigMac is actively developing and the listing on Uniswap can serve as proof of this. You can check it by this link.

BigMac.Finance was built on our DeFi project builder. And the (BC) token was used for the following purposes:
- DeFi creation payment
- deployment fee on the ethereum blockchain
- subscription fee
- payment with a significant discount

In addition, the BC token was added to the BigMac.Finance platform and can now be traded here as well. Moreover, for this, you will be able to receive increased profit in BIG tokens.