Token Store - decentralized exchange as it is

Those crypto enthusiasts who keep up-to-date with the latest news know for sure that crypto exchanges are hacked fairly often, being the most attractive targets in the crypto industry. More than 980,000 Bitcoins have already been stolen from various exchanges, which makes more than $6.2 billion USD at today’s rate, and nobody knows how much this number can increase by.

Decentralized, anonymous, yours!

Decentralized, anonymous, yours!

That is exactly why choosing a reliable crypto exchange is a crucial concern for many investors and here we lend you a helping hand - or, to be precise, The Token Store does.

Launched in 2017, Token Store is built on the Ethereum network and completely decentralized, unlike most currently existing crypto exchanges, which constitute a vulnerable target for hackers. If the exchange is centralized, it means that its customers don’t hold the keys and, therefore, don’t hold the coins. Anonymity also suffers, as most exchanges require KYC. The Token Store is perfect in that regard, providing safe and secure services since the funds are not directly deposited in an exchange but are deposited into a smart contract.

Therefore, the only thing needed to retrieve digital assets is the private key of the Ethereum account that send funds; no email address or sign-up needed. It provides a completely anonymous experience and, what’s also important, a really cheap one - the fees are simple, fair and transparent. Market makers are charged a 0% fee and only have to pay gas, and market takers, who take someone else’s order, have to also pay gas and a tiny trading fee of 0.3%. Such policies make The Token Store stand out, as centralized exchanges usually charge high withdrawal and deposit fees.

It’s also worth mentioning thatDEXs offer a great deal of flexibility: the exchange supports trading of any existing ERC-20 token by contract address, even if it’s not listed anywhere. It means that The Token Store’s clients may gain a considerable advantage by starting trading before most people do. It makes trading less strict and more accessible.

Being completely decentralized, safe and anonymous, the Token Store is definitely an exchange that can be relied on. It’s much safer to read and rely on the code of a smart contract, than to rely on individuals and vulnerable websites. Thoroughly developed technology gives its clients some efficient advantages and makes the exchange deserving of consideration. What exchange to choose is completely up to you - but we’ve made our choice!