What are “Airdrops” in the crypto world: a simple explanation

To spread the information about their project more effectively, win popularity in a certain community or reward loyal customers, cryptocurrency organizations are sometimes distributing a small amount of their coins for free. The procedure of dispensing cryptocurrency tokens among the wallets of some users is a modern marketing strategy called the Airdrop.

Airdrop is a simple way to obtain some tokens

Airdrop is a simple way to obtain some tokens

Both blockchain startups and established enterprises including exchange platforms, wallet services, and coin issuers are giving away some amount of their coins for free, and find this marketing strategy very effective. The name “Airdrop” comes from actual airdrops, where an airplane delivers emergency supplies for people in the zone of war or disaster.

The Airdrop can be announced in advance, or it can come unannounced. The process of Airdrop may include a competition element, for instance, to qualify, the user may be asked to complete several assignments. Typically to participate in an Airdrop, one is asked to register on the project’s website, sign up for Telegram channel, make a repost in social network and fill in the registration form specifying the wallet address.

Thus to participate in an Airdrop, one needs to have an e-mail address, bitcointalk, and social networks account, and a cryptocurrency wallet to receive the rewarded coins. The sources of information about ongoing airdrops include groups in social networks and cryptocurrency Airdrop forums, or special websites that have a list of verified active and upcoming Airdrops, like a good example can be a popular resource - TopICOList.