What is DeFi?

Since 2017, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced a huge number of events. It is the rapid Bitcoin growth to $20,000 and a huge number of ICOs, after this was a bear market in 2018 - early 2019, the IEO boom and, finally, Bitcoin halving. Now a new big wave is related to DeFi projects. What is it?

DeFi stands as Decentralized Finance and means the complete transfer of control over money to people without financial intermediaries in the form of banks and governments. The first such projects began to appear back in 2017, but they got a real boom only now. Most likely, it is due to the global financial crisis and the loss of confidence to Central and retail banks, which are pursuing an aggressive policy of quantitative easing.

After these cases, people began to think about what could be an alternative to banks. Some of them found the answer - it's DeFi. The big advantage of these projects is their decentralization, which allows users not to worry about the safety of their funds. Here are some indicative statistics: for 8 months of 2020, the volume of funds stored in DeFi projects increased 12 times - from $500 million to $6 billion.

Looking at this, many entrepreneurs began to think about creating their own DeFi project. And here numerous difficulties began to arise.

First of all, it is a technological component. Many people simply don't understand how blockchain, decentralization and smart contracts function, and it is the basis of the DeFi sector.

Based on the above problem, the next problem appears - for creating such a project, you need a high-quality team of programmers and developers who can develop technological blockchain solutions. Now there are few such specialists on the market (due to the young of the industry) and their skills are often very expensive.

Does this situation remind you of anything?

A similar problem existed in the 90s and early 2000s. Only then this technology was not a blockchain but the Internet. In exactly the same way, many companies and people wanted to create their own sites, but did not know how to do it. And just like now, it was very difficult to find a specialist and his services were very expensive.

However, progress does not stand still and everything changed with the creation of the first website builder. After that, any user could create his own site, which would be no different from a handwritten one. At the same time, the cost of creation was very little and any could create its own site for 1 hour. After this, the entire business began to move to the Internet and increased its earnings tens and hundreds of times.

The crypto industry is also on the cusp of such changes. After analyzing and realizing that now there are no projects that allow anyone to create their own blockchain or DeFi project, we decided to bring our idea to life and transform the entire crypto industry.

Block-chain.com is the new DeFi project builder to save millions of dollars in development and build your own DeFi in one day!

You can create a project in a day on any of the largest platforms such as Ethereum, Cosmos, EOS, Tron, Binance Smart Chain and many others. At the same time, we plan to implement cross-chain connections in the future. It means that a project built on one blockchain will be able to connect and conduct operations on another blockchain.

You do not need programming knowledge, large financial costs and a team of programmers who must be constantly monitored.

What can you create with our constructor?
- own bank that issues loans and accepts deposits
- exchange
- decentralized exchange
- insurance company
- pawnshop

It turns out that now anyone will be able to create their own financial project without high costs and receive income for this, commensurate with the income of bankers. It is our goal.

Speed and simplicity are the keys to success in today's world. This is exactly the opportunity we provide to entrepreneurs.

However, the range of our services is not limited to this. If you are just starting to learn into the crypto industry or do not want to be puzzled by promotion, then we can offer you comprehensive project support in marketing and PR activity. Over the years of our work in the crypto space, we have tried dozens and even hundreds of solutions and we know which ones really work.

We pay special attention to young projects and try to help them as much as possible. For this we have created 2 additional services:
1. WhitePaper Builder - it allows you to create complete documentation based on various blocks and present your project to the community. This builder will support dozens of languages ​​and will allow you to create an individual document visualization.
2. Launchpad for DeFi projects is a platform for the public launching of DeFi projects. Using this tool, anyone can announce their project and draw public attention to their DeFi.

However, we offer additional services for your convenience. So, we allow not only to create your own DeFi, WhitePaper, but also a full-fledged Web portal, which will include not only the standard blocks of the site and the domain, but also integration with crypto wallets and the user's personal account will be implemented.

While creating such a large number of products and developing your DeFi project, you need to understand that you need to be able to properly manage it. For these purposes, we have additionally created project management and analytics platform. This will allow you to keep abreast of all the most important project metrics and track the effectiveness of interaction with users.

So, we created not just another project in the crypto industry, but a whole infrastructure for the DeFi segment. Now, all that is needed from you is to come up with a project idea, and we will help to implement it without loading you by technical details. With our Lego for DeFI you can launch your project in a few days and earn millions of dollars.