Why is need a BC token?

Our project has been around for over two years and in August we launched a new product called a DeFi project builder. Any DeFi, Whitepaper, or website can be created on it. Simply put, we have created a constructor for the blockchain projects.

Especially for our new project, we thought out the mechanics of our Block-chain.com (BC) token. Owning and using the BC token will provide significant benefits. This article is devoted to what new functions the token has and why to use it.

We have conditionally divided the functionality of the BC token into several groups:
- access to platform services
- internal interaction
- work with external services and oracles

1. Access to platform services

With the BC token, you can access the following services of our platform:

- DeFi Creation is a platform for creating any of the possible DeFi projects in 1 day. No programming and development are required, no study of the project architecture, just an idea is enough. You simply define how DeFi will work and set the main indicators of the project into the blocks. After that, it automatically creates a smart contract that is deployed to any of the available blockchain platforms.

- WhitePaper Creation is a unique document builder for your project. Users and investors will study your project in detail by this document. Our service will help you create any document (WhitePaper, LitePaper, GreenPaper, etc.) in automatic mode. At the same time, you yourself can configure how detailed the document is to make in technical terms. In addition, you can choose or create a unique design.

- Website development is a traditional website builder that will help tell the whole world about your idea and become the face of your project.

These services you can pay via fiat and cryptocurrency, or with our BC token and receive a significant discount on services - from 20% to 50%. In addition, when you pay for services with our token, each user will get access to the general pool of liquidity from all added blockchains. This will help avoid a situation where the project is alone with itself and no one will use it.

2. Internal interaction

Over time, hundreds of new DeFi projects will appear on the Block-chain.com platform. Each of them will have their own idea, structure and their own tokens (optional). These tokens can be bought directly from our platform, saving your time. You can also save money if you pay with our BC token. It will allow you to get a benefit of up to 50%.

The benefits don't end there. When using DeFi projects from our platform, we offered a unique solution - when paying with BC token, network commissions can save you up to 25%. This is especially true at the present time when the average fee per transaction is a $19.

3. An Interaction with external services

At the moment, there is a project Bigmac.finance, which allows you to earn money for lending BC coins. Moreover, by putting ВС in the Bigmac.finance pool, you can earn 5 times more Bigmac (BIG) coins than in pools with other coins.

We also plan to add several different oracles for use, including our oracle from Block-chain.com. It is used will cost you significantly less than other oracles if you hold and pay in BC tokens.


The Block-chain.com (ВС) token will become the fuel for working with our platform. Thanks to it, almost all operations will be carried out, and the user will be able to significantly save and reduce their costs. In the future, we plan to create our own blockchain, which will significantly reduce the cost of creating your projects.